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eNews – March 2022

Hongkong Post to adjust provision of postal services

Hongkong Post announced that in view of the latest epidemic situation, there will be some adjustments to the provision of postal services.

With effect from Thursday (March 3), all post offices will open at 9.30am from Monday to Saturday with the closing hours remain unchanged at 4pm (Monday to Friday) and 1pm (Saturday), except Causeway Bay Post Office and Peak Post Office which will remain unchanged. The service of mobile post offices (No. 1 and No. 2) will be temporarily suspended.

In addition, 25 designated post offices will only provide services on Wednesday and Saturday, with details listed in here. Members of the public can access postal services at other nearby post offices in the districts. For the locations of the post offices, please refer to the following link:

Hongkong Post will maintain its mail delivery services from Monday to Saturday while mail collection from posting boxes will be provided on alternate days.

In order to focus resources to maintain essential postal services for members of the public, Hongkong Post will cease accepting new posting applications for the Hongkong Post Circular Service from March 7 to April 6, but will continue to provide the service to government bureaux and departments.

Hongkong Post will continue to attach priority to the health and safety of its staff as well as members of the public through implementing measures for social distancing and infection control at all postal facilities.

Hongkong Post apologises for the inconvenience caused due to the above adjustments to service provision. For more information, members of the public may visit Hongkong Post's website at or call the Hongkong Post enquiry hotline at 2921 2222.

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